Residence Facility Common Areas and Other SURA Property

The SURA Residence Facility Great Room and other common areas are intended for the use of registered Residence Facility guests. Other uses are permitted under these guidelines as long as guests are minimally inconvenienced. These guidelines apply also to other SURA land, road, and property use.

SURA reserves the right to restrict the use of its property as it deems necessary for the safety, security, and common enjoyment of registered and invited guests.

Rental for Special Events

Rental fee schedule (Great Room, parking lot, field, other SURA property) - effective January 1, 2019

$35.00 per event No food and/or beverage is served
$60.00 per event Food and/or beverage is served
Plus $25.00 per hour after hours. Rates do not include sales tax.

Rental Request Form. Contact the Residence Facility at 757-223-1167 or e-mail to to check rental availability.

Exercise Room. Guests have access to the exercise room (1-B)

Computer and Network Use. Guests have internet access and use of SURA work stations in the business center area in the Great Room.